First Visit


Fee Consultation:

Meet with the doctor to determine if you are a candidate…if so

Discuss financials: An all-inclusive upfront free with no hidden costs. It incorporates the service of the oral surgeon, restorative dentist, laboratory as well as all visits and xrays (if necessary). The fee is an upfront cost and is not covered by insurance.

3D Cat Scan or Impressions done that day at the same location to prepare and sent to the lab to prepare your new prosthetic teeth

Second Meeting

The procedure is performed with you walking out with new temporary teeth. Under the direct supervision of the oral surgeon and C.R.N.A. you will be asleep during the procedure so anxiety and pain should be minimal. 
While temporary your smile and teeth will look, feel and function like natural teeth.
Length of the procedure: Every patient is different but a rough estimate is 3 to 5 hours.

Roughly 3 months later…

Return for final restoration of your new teeth. You may need to return a couple more times to slightly adjust the fit so that all feels normal.