Advanced Imaging

Advanced Imaging Equipment

Introducing NewTom VG Cone Beam Technology 3D Dental Imaging System

  • The NewTom VG represents the newest in CBCT technology from the company that invented cone beam scanning.
  • The NewTom VG’s revolutionary flat panel x-ray detector technology, coupled with its very small focal spot, produces the clearest, sharpest images possible.
  • The NewTom VG features faster image reconstruction, which translates into less down time for the dental team.
  • The NewTom VG features a single 8″x10″ Field Of View, which is the most utilized by implantologists and maxillofacial surgeons. The 8X10 Field of View, coupled with the very small focal spot, ensures high quality images with unrivaled accuracy.
  • The NewTom VG scanner utilizes a unique pulse system which activates the x-ray source for less than 4 seconds per complete scan. This results in significantly less radiation than most competing cone beam scanners, and up to 20-50 times less radiation than conventional medical CT.
Advanced Imaging Equipment

Advanced Imaging Equipment

Advantages of NewTom CBCT

  • Less radiation (20-50 times) than traditional medical CT scanners, with greater accuracy.
  • Smart Beam senses size of each patient to deliver the least amount of radiation needed. This is especially important for children.
  • Fast, simple, comfortable, open and safe.
  • Limitless views means total treatment planning.
  • 3D images visualize all anatomic structures for improved treatment outcomes.
  • Digital record can be stored indefinitely and easily shared with other doctors.
Advanced Imaging Equipment

Make your implants easier with NewTom VG Cone Beam Technology

  • Three-dimensional data provides the surgeon with maximal information for planning a safe procedure.
  • Cone Beam Technology allows detailed information on the potential need for grafting procedures prior to surgery.
  • Allows the surgeon to work with the restorative dentist directly, often planning the implant case ahead of time on the computer.
  • Cone Beam Technology maximizes predictable results with the least invasive surgery.

Conveniently Located

Our NewTom VG Cone Beam Scanner is centrally located at our Peabody Office.